Phases in Life of an Introvert

a39a20265eabee2e4799ec5206f3612cSeems like everything is okay with Introverts? Well! May be it is not what you are seeing because everything is chaotic in an introvert’s life even if it looks like everything is okay. People take introverts differently, look at them like they’re from some other planet or maybe they don’t look at all. Kind of scaring huh! Yes, it is… Believe me! Nothing is ever okay in an Introvert’s life, from changing display pictures on social sites to describing “what is on your mind?” everything looks complex.

I was an introvert from childhood or may be my silence has made me like this… whatever! I had bad experiences more than the good ones. From school life to college life (which is going on), I didn’t have any good friends and the ones I had I lose them. I am sad about it… but not having any good people in life makes me think if I am normal? You might be thinking I am just a college girl having hard times in my life… Well no! I am not. Time has made me strong enough. I am earning in my college life only, I can say I am an  independent girl, however, dependent when it comes to going out alone… when I need to shop… when I want to enjoy my weekend. Everything looks difficult without having someone to go out with… to share “what is in my mind” with a human rather than on some social sites where the bunch of followers just follow you for the sake of fun… or whatever?

Like every other college person… I came to the city “New Delhi” holding a dream of filling new people in my life. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good ones… just some with smiling face but nothing to talk with. Surviving college has become tough for me, no friends, no one to sit into canteen with and plus no one ask anything without minding for the words. I felt bad, indeed, hurt for the very first time because I hadn’t been a part of fresher’s, fests and nothing. May be because I don’t want to, however, I felt bad because nobody actually cared. There was a part of me that disappeared. Since then, I stopped caring for people around be… I found my survival… my friends and my world in something new, something that would never leave me ever… I started writing—poetries, muses, and other kinds of stuff. They helped me calm down at the high points in my life. It feels like after writing about how I am feeling… the specific sad feeling goes away, forever! Today, I have a career as a “Content Writer.”

I think “this is it”

To be honest, being an introvert is the best thing that ever happened to me.


7 thoughts on “Phases in Life of an Introvert

  1. I am an old introvert. I doesn’t really change with age except you care less and less about other people. Do not be fooled by social media, everyone is still out for themselves – it seems like you know that. Keep writing and reading. It is important to read lots of good poets to develop your skill. Don’t always write about love, write about everything you see and hear. Be good to yourself.

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