How come I find myself becoming someone’s drugs and not love?



Hello! The sound was loud

Like someone is screaming

Trying breaking my thoughts

Waking me up from the bed of words

Oh that was me only

I am the one making screams in the darkest corner

Of the world and resembling

How his hands touched the curve, my middle

And it felt like all those flaws had never existed

Couldn’t I stop him? Or Didn’t I even want to?

Heaven was some way near

Or getting deep into the path of inside and outs

How come the darkness never felt so loving?

Or I love how I escaped from falling into the love so effortlessly?

The question stands

Did he ever love? Or He was the one escaping unknowingly?

“Hello” Again!

There He is… coming forward

Stabbing me because I escaped? No! He kissed

On I am the fool,

He is the one escaped from his own world

into my skin and his loss of senses…


Poetry By Somna Kapoor



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