The never ending tears because once we all have suffered…

Description: “The never ending tears” is about how each and every lady, girl, woman has suffered at some stage of life… and to be honest the mental suffering is unending because how forcibly we become someone’s source of pleasure is the most painful phase everyone has faced, the difference of less or more, however, the pain will always be equal and alive.


I sit and I started writing

Writing how so not loving are these fighting’s

Fighting in which I need confronting myself

How everyone had turned their ears deaf?

How eyes were closed?

How artificial humanity was posed?

How disgusting the touches felt that purnima’s night?

How orange was never the color right?


Someone joined the words later,

The two sufferings in one paper

Waking up next to a chap was her nightmare

How the hotel room walls never screamed “Take care”?

How senseless the lady did everything right?

How sufferings are still alive?

“Mamma” the word breaks both of our kites

Happiness is the little one smile


Lady third joined the words further

Loved how she sighed rather

As Faking the smile wasn’t worth

Because she was the one who had given us birth

She wrote…

How being silent for so long ached?

How against her will she had been caged—

Into the lusty arms of her own sage

How scary is being raped?


I continued and so does the other deads

But somehow the country is only turning red

Somehow the words will surely be someday forgotten

Somehow our stories will be as lost as autumn!


— By Somna Kapoor



2 thoughts on “The never ending tears because once we all have suffered…

  1. Hi Somna. Wonderful! So Powerful I have always tried to respect and treat as equal all human life And I am shocked at the brutality humans inflict on one another! So kind to want to follow my poetry adventures.Great to meet you. Like all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Observing this crazy violent society! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! One day at a time for me! Peace and Best Wishes. #TheFoureyedPoet.

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