“For How Long?”

Description: “For how Long?” is all about the expectations and the pain comes as complimentary with those expectations when we get into relationship with some. All we need to remember is “Someday the relationship will end and so does the Love.”



For how long you wanted me?

A few nights at the outskirts of Sea

A few mornings spilling the love into your coffee

But I stayed for more,

More when we curled under the sky

More when we walked Side by Side.


For how long you wanted to love?

A few moments while dancing in the Bar

A few steps taking outside the thirsty war

But I loved for more

More because of who you are

More because otherwise it might fall you apart


For how long I needed you?

Long enough to fantasize the loving world

Long enough to fly high akin to Bird

But I asked for less

Less when my shadow absorbed the darkness

Less when my fingers felt an urge to rest.


For how Long I Love you?

Every moment till the time ends

Every moment till the Bird of Love lands

But I may fall for someone more worth

Someone because you’re gone

Someone because I am yet to see the hopeless Dawn


– BY Somna Kapoor

for how long


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