And one day if you appear Again by My Side…


Description: We move forward in life, however, somehow we won’t forget about the one the past that has been killing for so long inside… luckily, the regret is all over someday because you’ll pay for your Sins anyway!


MY fingers slipping right somewhere

Inside the world of all guilt… And

Through the way, I found myself

Rubbing all over the skin

Skin that is hardly recognizable

Because there was always something

Less to see, but feel…

I might have held her hands, once or twice

Because the screams, screams were hardly wise…

Indeed, the love was unforgettable

The lust, oh yes! The more I wanted

The more I got, the more she wrote

The more she forgot…

I know I could have stopped

But I told already I would not

What was left between us to talk?

From head to toe I took a walk

On her beauty, on her wings

I thought I was the only king…

The play was on— inside out

All I could see her crying out loud

The time was near and I crossed a line

The regret is I never confined

And if tomorrow she appears somewhere near by my side

I promise I would never Lie…

To the world I will say out loud

I loved the lady reminiscent of a grudging cloud

Instead my grudge was dark and

Scared her away…

To my SINS I will sometime pay!



–Poetry by Somna Kapoor


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