I will find Grave Spots/Mai Qabarein Khoj Liya Karungi

“Tum Uski Nishaaniyon ko Khoj liya karo

Mai Qabarein Khoj Liya Karungi

Tumse Do pal ka Rabbta yun jese Khamoshiyon ke

Janazein par phir uski jeet ka shoor Aur meri Haar

Jese Baarish ki boond mere jism pe tezaab aur tere jism pe sukoon

Jese bachpan ka tamasha phir Dohra diya ho zindagi ne

Jese mere Labbon pe rakha niwala phir uski Bhook ka Sabab

Tum Uski Bhook mita diya Karo

Mai Yunhi So liya Karungi

Tum Uski Nishaaniyon ko Khoj liya karo

Mai Qabarein Khoj Liya Karungi”

English Translation:

You may find her keepsakes, I will find grave spots

Two words of conversations with you are akin to

Her victory and my defeat upon the Bier of Silence

Like the Rain Drops on my Skin feeling like Burning and

Upon Your Skin feeling like peace

Like Life have repeated the play of childhood

Like the bite of Bait upon my Lip has become her reason for Hunger again

You may satisfy her Crave

I will sleep hungry

You may find her keepsakes,

I will find grave spots.havelian_506-460x280


And one day if you appear Again by My Side…



Description: We move forward in life, however, somehow we won’t forget about the one the past that has been killing for so long inside… luckily, the regret is all over someday because you’ll pay for your Sins anyway!


MY fingers slipping right somewhere

Inside the world of all guilt… And

Through the way, I found myself

Rubbing all over the skin

Skin that is hardly recognizable

Because there was always something

Less to see, but feel…

I might have held her hands, once or twice

Because the screams, screams were hardly wise…

Indeed, the love was unforgettable

The lust, oh yes! The more I wanted

The more I got, the more she wrote

The more she forgot…

I know I could have stopped

But I told already I would not

What was left between us to talk?

From head to toe I took a walk

On her beauty, on her wings

I thought I was the only king…

The play was on— inside out

All I could see her crying out loud

The time was near and I crossed a line

The regret is I never confined

And if tomorrow she appears somewhere near by my side

I promise I would never Lie…

To the world I will say out loud

I loved the lady reminiscent of a grudging cloud

Instead my grudge was dark and

Scared her away…

To my SINS I will sometime pay!



–Poetry by Somna Kapoor

“For How Long?”

Description: “For how Long?” is all about the expectations and the pain comes as complimentary with those expectations when we get into relationship with some. All we need to remember is “Someday the relationship will end and so does the Love.”



For how long you wanted me?

A few nights at the outskirts of Sea

A few mornings spilling the love into your coffee

But I stayed for more,

More when we curled under the sky

More when we walked Side by Side.


For how long you wanted to love?

A few moments while dancing in the Bar

A few steps taking outside the thirsty war

But I loved for more

More because of who you are

More because otherwise it might fall you apart


For how long I needed you?

Long enough to fantasize the loving world

Long enough to fly high akin to Bird

But I asked for less

Less when my shadow absorbed the darkness

Less when my fingers felt an urge to rest.


For how Long I Love you?

Every moment till the time ends

Every moment till the Bird of Love lands

But I may fall for someone more worth

Someone because you’re gone

Someone because I am yet to see the hopeless Dawn


– BY Somna Kapoor

for how long

My first love will always be this land, I’m an Army Man…

Dear daughter,
I’m sorry that while you started going school, I didn’t hold your hand, I’m an army Man.
I’m sorry that when you first fell while learning cycle, I wasn’t there to be your idle.
I’m sorry that when you first performed in school, I wasn’t there to show your daddy
I’m sorry that when you got your first heartbreak I wasn’t there to tell you the person
you loved was worthless and fake.
I’m sorry that when you first tried makeup I wasn’t there to praise your beauty’s new
I miss you and your mother each day with more dept, But I Can’t ignore the fact
I’m  country’s protector before A daughter’s mentor.
My first love will always be this land, I’m an Army Man.
Poetry By Somna Kapoor

The never ending tears because once we all have suffered…

Description: “The never ending tears” is about how each and every lady, girl, woman has suffered at some stage of life… and to be honest the mental suffering is unending because how forcibly we become someone’s source of pleasure is the most painful phase everyone has faced, the difference of less or more, however, the pain will always be equal and alive.


I sit and I started writing

Writing how so not loving are these fighting’s

Fighting in which I need confronting myself

How everyone had turned their ears deaf?

How eyes were closed?

How artificial humanity was posed?

How disgusting the touches felt that purnima’s night?

How orange was never the color right?


Someone joined the words later,

The two sufferings in one paper

Waking up next to a chap was her nightmare

How the hotel room walls never screamed “Take care”?

How senseless the lady did everything right?

How sufferings are still alive?

“Mamma” the word breaks both of our kites

Happiness is the little one smile


Lady third joined the words further

Loved how she sighed rather

As Faking the smile wasn’t worth

Because she was the one who had given us birth

She wrote…

How being silent for so long ached?

How against her will she had been caged—

Into the lusty arms of her own sage

How scary is being raped?


I continued and so does the other deads

But somehow the country is only turning red

Somehow the words will surely be someday forgotten

Somehow our stories will be as lost as autumn!


— By Somna Kapoor


How come I find myself becoming someone’s drugs and not love?



Hello! The sound was loud

Like someone is screaming

Trying breaking my thoughts

Waking me up from the bed of words

Oh that was me only

I am the one making screams in the darkest corner

Of the world and resembling

How his hands touched the curve, my middle

And it felt like all those flaws had never existed

Couldn’t I stop him? Or Didn’t I even want to?

Heaven was some way near

Or getting deep into the path of inside and outs

How come the darkness never felt so loving?

Or I love how I escaped from falling into the love so effortlessly?

The question stands

Did he ever love? Or He was the one escaping unknowingly?

“Hello” Again!

There He is… coming forward

Stabbing me because I escaped? No! He kissed

On I am the fool,

He is the one escaped from his own world

into my skin and his loss of senses…


Poetry By Somna Kapoor